CJ Rosenbaum

Partner, Amazon Sellers' Lawyer

Before CJ’s law firm was founded, Amazon sellers had only one option for assistance in getting their account reinstated: non-lawyers who lack the education, expertise, and resources needed to defend a client against Amazon policies. These consultants also lack the X factor that CJ provides as a licensed attorney: the legal obligation to maintain your privacy.

CJ’s tech background includes membership in the New York New Media Association (NYNMA), a group of young entrepreneurs who recognized the commercial power of the web.  It was founded in 1994 to support and promote the ‘new media’ industry in New York City. In 1996, CJ bought shares of Apple for $22 and $24 a share.

Since starting his practice in 1994, CJ has represented entrepreneurs who operate both online & brick & mortar businesses.  CJ is also a courtroom lawyer and litigator.  CJ has represented people across the United States, has taken countless depositions and tries more cases each year than most lawyers do during their entire careers.

  • CJ has successfully litigated cases against some of the largest corporations in the world including McDonalds, Sears, Kentucky Fried Chicken, many insurance companies.  In NYC, CJ has successfully obtained redress for his clients against the NYPD, the NYC Housing Department, the NYC Health and Hospitals Corp., and other behemoths.  CJ has represented clients in the internet, finance, health and entertainment industries.
  • CJ is admitted to practice law in state and federal courts.
  • CJ holds executive and leadership roles in the NYS Bar Association and the National American Association for Justice.
  • CJ has delivered lectures to other lawyers in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Maryland, Florida and this summer is scheduled to speak on several topics in Los Angeles.

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