Jace & April Chicosky

Founder, AMZ Importers

AMZ Importers is a one stop company for all of your seller needs. We are designed to provide sellers with the tools and knowledge to make your business successful from the very start. With the combined experience of 18+ years in e-commerce, Jace and April ventured out on their own to establish AMZ Importers in 2016. Our goal is to meet all of your seller needs by being your one stop service provider, from sourcing to selling. Since we eat, sleep, and breathe Amazon, we know how frustrating it can be with understanding all the rules and regulations of the e-commerce world. Whether you are a seasoned seller, looking to source your products at a lower price, or a beginner, we are here to help!

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Effective & Efficient Sourcing: The Cure To All of Your Amazon Needs

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