Tim Jordan

Founder, Hickory Flats

With a background in business development (specifically in procurement and logistics), Tim Jordan arrived to the e-commerce game with relatively little experience but a solid drive to succeed. Within his first 12 months he had built a 7-figure Amazon account and became convinced that Private Label was the path to success. While building relationships with other sellers, he discovered a large demand for hands-on service providers and started Hickory Flats with a long-time friend in China.  With his experience in PL himself and his birds-eye view of hundreds of other Private Labellers via Hickory Flats, Tim is experienced and passionate about sharing his perspective on why people sometimes fail, but especially in sharing strategies and ideas that he has developed to find product ideas that really work!

My Sessions

The Yeti Principle: Outside-the Box Methods for Finding Private Label Products that AREN’T Saturated on Amazon

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