William Hung

American Idol Contestant

My mission is to help purpose-driven business owners grow their business by leveraging public speaking.

Have you ever gone from zero to hero, and BACK to zero?

This was the feeling I experienced after traveling and performing full-time for about 4 years.

I was treated like a king after my initial rise from American Idol fame back in 2004.

But as expected, nothing THIS good can last forever.

At that point, I thought I made the rational choice: going back to school, get a degree, and get a stable job.

More than 7 years have gone by…I could have settled for this stable job.

But then, one of my friends reminded me in 2017 how my first album “Inspiration” was a top seller not because of my singing talent. Instead, it was because of my inspirational messages in between the songs.

This gave me the idea for how I can do much more than entertaining people. I can actually inspire people to discover and leverage their talent. I can help people choose happiness in their daily lives.

Then, I started doing outreach campaigns and I got my first critical speaking opportunity from the Asian Realtors Association of America.

I was the closing keynote speaker. Expectations were high. The energy was overwhelming.

Right before my speech, the new president walked over to me, patted me on my shoulder and said, “Our future depends on YOU!”

Fortunately, the hard work for customizing this speech paid off. I got a standing ovation!

More importantly, I got many additional speaking opportunities! This was the beginning of my professional speaking career.

From speaking locally to small groups to speaking at global conferences for corporations and associations, I learned how marketing yourself as a speaker effectively is just as important for having a great message to share with your audience.

I learned what to look for when it comes to both paid and unpaid speaking opportunities.

I am ready to help you grow your business with public speaking, while avoiding many expensive mistakes both on and off stage.

I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States when I was in 4th grade! That means I’m bilingual in Chinese and English. Writing in Chinese was difficult..I remember how my mom had to hold my hand writing every stroke in the beginning.

When I was studying for my MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Marist College in New York, I submitted a 50-page research paper talking about one of the biggest online poker companies in the world, Amaya.

I took what I learned about creating systems in the gaming world into the real world: improving work, health, and relationships.

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